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2 years of lessons part 1

First, the bad news. It’s worse than we imagined. Since our inception, we’ve identified dozens of hacked devices a... Continue reading

Protected home

Your security is my security

Everything Set exists to make sure people can enjoy the benefits of smart devices in their homes without having to... Continue reading

Connected devices

Top 5 most and least secure smart devices

We were in beta for over a year, finding a permanent place in over 160 homes across America. During this time, we ... Continue reading

How many languages do your smart devices speak?

Fun blog title aside, as the people who look at where everyone’s smart device data is going, we think you’d be sur... Continue reading

Smart home

All homes are smart homes

Whether by design or coincidence, if you’re reading this you probably live in a smart home. You probably have a ho... Continue reading

Chatty lightbulb

Chattiest smart devices

Our whole gig is monitoring outgoing communications from smart devices. We look at who they’re talking to and how ... Continue reading

Everything Set Box

Intelligent Security for the Smart Home

As new arrivals in an emerging space, we thought it would be useful to write a little bite-sized guide on the prob... Continue reading

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