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Intelligent Security for the Smart Home

As new arrivals in an emerging space, we thought it would be useful to write a little bite-sized guide on the problem we identified and the service we built as a solution.

If you like what you read below and are interested in testing our service, we’re providing an Everything Set Box and a year’s free subscription to our Early Access members!

What have we built?

A clever little box paired with a sophisticated analytical engine and a complementary app.

The box and analytical engine do all the work and our app functions as the mouthpiece, providing data insights and alerting the user if there are problems with their smart devices.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the clever little box.

Our box, the Everything Set Box (that’s us!), keeps an eye on all smart devices in your home and the data they capture and send. We pay careful attention to the data they send out because it helps us understand what they’re doing even though we can’t see inside the device itself.

Now you’re probably thinking one (or all) of three things:

  1. I don’t really have any smart devices

  2. Why do I care about the data my smart devices capture and send?

  3. Aren’t you also accessing my data, you dirty hypocrites?

And these are all reasonable thoughts. Let’s talk about them.

I don't really have any smart devices

It’s possible you don’t have many smart devices but let’s check (and also talk about the future of connectivity). There are over 20 billion smart devices globally and that number is increasing every day: the number of households adopting smart technology, the affordability of smart devices, the accessibility of smart devices, and the growing spectrum of devices that become ‘smart’ as a matter of course.

Ten years ago, smartphones were commonplace but we were only just getting to know robot vacuums equipped with Wi-Fi and personal assistant software. Today, myriad smart devices are available on the mass market at accessible prices, from doorbells to printers to lightbulbs to phones, watches, refrigerators, digital assistants, alarms, cameras, TVs, tablets, HVAC, lawn care, consoles…

It’s possible you don’t have many smart devices, or maybe you have more than you first thought, but it’s increasingly likely they’ll be part of your future.

Why do I care about the data my smart devices capture and send?

You don’t have to care about the data being sent from your smart devices! Generally, you don’t need to know what they’re saying, you just want to know they’re working.

However, some people (bad actors, corporations, governments, etc.) might LOVE to know what your smart devices are saying; smart devices know your personal details - whether your house is locked by its smart lock, whether you’re at home based on the status of your smart lights or the sound levels in your rooms for smart assistants, whether your car is close by and connected to your Wi-Fi or whether your garage door is open... and those are just a few examples.

All this data could get into the wrong hands fairly easily via your smart devices and you’d have no way of knowing.

So, do you care what your smart devices are sending? Maybe not. Should you keep an eye on where it is being sent and who can see it, ensuring you are private and safe in your own home? We’d recommend it.

Plus if this has piqued your interest in where your data is going, and you’d like to see just how many countries your TV is talking to, our app offers you the insight to see just that.

Aren't you accessing my data you dirty hypocrites?

No! Not at all.

Our entire goal is to support you in this new interconnected era - we don’t want to add to the problem. We can’t see what your devices are actually saying. Instead, we use AI to analyze where the data is going, in what volumes, and if this activity is unusual.

The moment we notice something strange, we send an alert to your phone and continue our in-depth monitoring of that device. We’ll advise you on what’s best to do on your side - you can reset the compromised device, update your firmware, and we can block the bad activity and continue to check everything is running smoothly. We’ll also let you know other helpful hints to make sure your home network is running safe and secure.

Also, our entire business is based on privacy. Privacy and safety is our driving force and the impetus for our existence, so we know how important it is for our customers. That's why we separate user and data at the earliest instance; we don't know it's your data. The way we identify anomalies, attacks, and leaks (and everything else) is from an intricate process of pattern recognition and device profiling. We developed AI to meticulously analyze our crowdsourced, aggregated metadata from thousands of devices, instantly identifying dangerous behaviors, anomalies, and deviations from the norm.


So, Everything Set helps keep me safe?

Exactly. Our clever little box backed by AI helps you keep your smart home safe and private. We believe all smart homes need intelligent security.

Like a fire alarm alerting you to smoke, we’ll alert you and help fix the breach if your security camera is having a weird chat with a stranger or it’s doing something else inside your home it shouldn’t be.

Plus, our little box is super easy to set up. Just plug it into your router and it’s good to go - we get all the information we need automatically from your Wi-Fi network.

All you have to do is download the Everything Set app to your phone and follow the short and simple instructions to pair it with your box and you’re all set.

You can see all of your devices, track their behaviors, and get insights on activity. Or you can just ignore it completely and wait for an alert from us, knowing that you're safe within your home. We’ll tell you if anything needs your attention.

And that’s us. That’s Everything Set!

Don’t forget, you can join our Early Access program today and get a box and year’s free service subscription. No obligations. No technicalities. Just safety and privacy.

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