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Why we love early adopters

Having recently launched publicly with our Early Access, we're on the lookout for early adopters to not only test our service but help make Everything Set better by doing absolutely nothing. Just plug us in and forget about us (unless you get a security alert, of course).

While feedback is always welcome and appreciated, if you'd rather be a silent partner we completely understand - you're still making us better!

Early Adopters
Early Adopters


In the unlikely case you're reading this with no idea what Everything Set is, here's a quick intro: we make a little box, a sophisticated analytics engine, and companion app that help to ensure your smart devices are doing only what they're supposed to do: collecting and sharing data that is helpful, not harmful. These devices can be anything from your doorbell camera to your smartphone; if it speaks to the cloud and is hooked up to your Wi-Fi network, we've got it sorted.

In short, if someone is accessing your information or rooting around in your home, we'll tell you, block it, or help you fix it.

At the heart of everything we do, beyond our smart analytics engine, beyond the app, beyond our cute little box, is math. It’s all math, all the way down.

We use AI and advanced statistics on data sets to recognize patterns, predict behaviors, and identify anomalies. So far, we have a reasonable idea of what to expect based on the day-to-day use of 1,000s of smart devices. However, as with all data sets, the more data you have to draw from the better the AI algorithms.

So, the more people using Everything Set, the more accurately we can identify normal device behavior and then, in turn, alert users with increasing certainty if they have a compromised device.

The more information (users) we have, the more our AI will be able to detect subtle or nuanced breaches. The more information we have, the more we’ll understand the parameters of each device, high traffic times of day and year, and user disparity.

More users also mean more devices, opening up our data catalog and allowing our advanced analytics to create ever more device behavior profiles.

With Everything Set, your privacy and safety is everyone’s privacy and safety.

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