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How many languages do your smart devices speak?

Fun blog title aside, as the people who look at where everyone’s smart device data is going, we think you’d be surprised to find out how much your data gets around.

Having spent over a year in beta, we’ve become a part of 160 households and monitored over 4,000 smart devices. That’s only a drop in the ocean BUT it’s still enough to create some incredibly interesting statistics.

The data from our beta community was sent to over 277,801 unique IP addresses located in 180 countries (we’ve learned a lot about data and geography).

Here’s a list of the top 20 countries your smart devices talk to:

It came as a surprise to learn that robot vacuums speak to the highest number of places, with an average of 20 countries per device. What your tiny robot vacuums are saying about your deep pile bedroom carpet to a global audience, we have no idea - we never access your data and it’s completely anonymous. But, oh boy, are they saying things.

Meanwhile, less surprisingly, VoIP devices contact approximately 19 countries per device. The next most well-traveled are security cameras, at eight countries on average, and rounding out our top five are cable boxes and games consoles, averaging seven countries per device.

Here’s a more detailed rundown for your viewing pleasure:

Looking closer to home, California, New Jersey, and Virginia are leading the pack of states your devices consort with, but this could also be influenced by where our Everything Set households are currently located as well as the location of major data centers. So less exciting but still cool to have a leaderboard. Here’s the top five:

If you want to see your state in the Everything Set top five, why not join our Early Access! Get an Everything Set box (a little device that monitors your smart home’s outgoing communication patterns) and a year’s free service with our app.

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