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Chattiest smart devices

Our whole gig is monitoring outgoing communications from smart devices. We look at who they’re talking to and how often so we can understand their behaviors and identify when they’re doing something unusual and inappropriate. For example, if your TV has a chat with Washington every day for a month then one Monday morning starts gossiping with Moscow, we’ll raise the red flags. This is, of course, an incredibly simplified overview of what we do but why say a lot of words when a few will do the trick?

Chatty lightbulb
Chatty lightbulb

Some of your devices talk more than others. That’s just their personality, the way they were made. For some, persistent communication allows them to be more responsive to the user. Others share constant status updates or continuously send captured information to the cloud. Meanwhile, you also have some who just check in a couple of times a day. 

Because of the wide variety of device behaviors, we constantly monitor all day, every day, and build individual device profiles. These profiles allow us to see if a device has become suspiciously chatty or if it’s just the norm for them to talk up a storm.

During our one-year-long beta, we established ourselves in 160 households across America and monitored over 4,000 devices. We analyzed each device and its data then aggregated it and used advanced statistics and AI to determine their expected behaviors. And, in doing so, we identified your top 5 chattiest smart devices (the good kind of chatty).

These are them:

  1. Security devices

  2. Media players (including streaming devices)

  3. Video doorbells

  4. Smart TVs

  5. Game consoles

Individual devices varied greatly by make and model, while different manufacturers use very different communication strategies. We'll share what that means in a further post.

We think this is all super interesting. If you’re also interested in how much your devices are talking you can join our Early Access and our app will tell you everything you need to know.

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